Tree Stump Removal

Large fallen tree and stump

Tree Stump Removal

​​Trees are some of the most beautiful natural resources on Earth. However, they also bring with them an inconvenience that many people would love to dispose of: tree stumps.

Most people who own or care for trees know this problem all too well. After one is finished enjoying the shade and fruit provided by a tree, there’s often still part of it left behind in the form of a stump.

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Use The Right Tools

There are so many different aspects to manage when running a tree service, but it all starts with the right equipment; which is why finding the best tools for the job is an integral part of running a tree service. The better your tools, the easier it will be to get rid of tree stumps, which you have probably encountered many times before if you live and work in and around New York City. ​

The first thing you’re going to need is an equipment rental place that can provide all appropriate equipment for removing a stump. You should also bring along these tools:

  • A clawed or hooked bar

  • A gas powered stump grinder if you will be stump grinding

  • Shovels and axes if the tree is too thick to cut through

    Tree stumps really are not entirely difficult to remove, especially if you have the right equipment. If using gas powered tools, it’s mostly about getting used to using them which takes time, but once you get your tools under control the process becomes more simple.

Alternatively you can use more old-fashioned methods for removing tree stumps, but this requires a lot of more work and some trees may not even give in this way. There is not one specific way of doing this as every tree is different and has its own unique properties that make it react differently to various treatments.

The professional tree service techs at Brooklyn Tree Service Pros uphold that the most dangerous part of removing tree stumps is the use of gas-powered tools without proper training or experience.

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