Hazardous Tree Removal

Large fallen tree  in the road

Hazardous Tree Removal

Trees can become hazardous after a storm, accident, disease or just over time. Brooklyn Tree Service Pros has been in business for over a decade and specialize in hazardous tree removal from private homes and businesses. We both remove trees and prune existing trees to improve their health and safety factors.

Trees that need to be removed could cause damage to the home or business owner’s property, other people at the location, or could even cause traffic accidents if falling on busy roads or even power lines.

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Call in the Pros

When it comes to tree removal, many people try to do it themselves, but this is very dangerous and simply not worth the risk, especially when it comes to hazardous trees that pose a threat to safety. It is highly advised to seek the help of a professional such as Brooklyn Tree Service Pros which is experienced in hazardous tree removal. Trees that are, or may become, hazardous pose serious risks not only to people at their location, but also to surrounding areas if they come down in heavy weather or pose a risk due to poor pruning jobs.

Brooklyn Tree Service Pros can provide home and business owners with extensive information on whether a hazardous tree needs to be removed and how best to go about doing so safely. By calling Brooklyn Tree Service Pros you not only get high quality service when your trees need care in Brooklyn, NY but peace of mind.

Professional At All Costs

Trees are a very important part of any landscape. They provide shade during the summer, beauty to an area, and oxygen for us to breathe! However, many trees are large enough that they need regular maintenance to ensure their safety. If you have fallen trees, or branches having fallen on power lines, it can be risky to remove them on your own given their size. There are some common dangers associated with having hazardous trees nearby that should be taken into consideration before removing them yourself.

A few of these risks include:

  • Falling branches

  • Uprooting nearby plants

  • Tree rot

  • Insect infestations

  • Disease

Contact Brooklyn Tree Service Pros at (347) 801-8724 to learn more about how we can help you with hazardous tree removal or pruning, or for any other tree care advice you may need. We provide a variety of tree services, from tree removal to tree cutting, tree pruning and stump grinding.

Don't Leave It To Chance

If you have trees on your property that present any of these risks, they may need to be removed. Tree removal is best left to professionals given the potential risk posed by these hazards. Brooklyn Tree Service Pros provides great care to ensure the safety of all who live in and around your property. Once we are on-site, ensure you stay out of harm’s way by staying back from the tree.

Here are some quick tips for identifying dangerous trees:

– Tall dead vegetation at the base is an indicator of rot or disease

– Branches that make loud cracking sounds are most likely diseased or dying

– Large cracks in the trunk run deeper than cosmetic damage

– Soil is washed away from around the base of the roots, indicating weathering

For more information on hazardous trees or for a free quote, contact Brooklyn Tree Service Pros at (347) 801-8724! With over a decade of experience, we’re certain you won’t find a better tree service or tree care company in Brooklyn!

Large fallen tree  in the road

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