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Fallen Tree

Tree Removal

If you feel like your yard is too crowded because of overgrown trees or branches, then it’s time to call in the pros. Brooklyn Tree Service Pros can take care of these problems for you quickly and affordably while ensuring you, your property and your loved ones are safe.

Tree in road

Hazardous Tree Removal

Trees can become hazardous after a storm, accident, disease or just over time. Trees that need to be removed could cause damage to property, other people at the location, or could even cause traffic accidents if falling on busy roads or power lines.

Tree Relocation

Tree Relocation

There are many reasons why you may need to relocate a tree in your garden. They could be diseased, dying, or simply too large for the space they are in. In some cases, trees can become dangerous and there may not be any alternative but to have them removed altogether.

Tree stump

Tree Stump Removal

Trees are some of the most beautiful natural resources on Earth. However, they also bring with them an inconvenience that many people would love to dispose of: tree stumps. Contact us today and have our team of specialists remove that headache for you.

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Tree Trimming & Pruning

When your greenery starts to get overgrown it can become not just unsightly, but dangerous. Call in Brooklyn Tree Service Pros and have us take care of those issues for you before they become that hazard and the eyesore you don't want. Click here to read more.

Landscaped garden

Other Services

A professionally landscaped garden is one of the best investments a homeowner can make. Having a well designed and maintained garden will not only increase the property value, but it will also enhance curb appeal and have environmental benefits as well.

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